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Kelli has been a crossover designer within the Event Production and Home Interiors Industry since 2007. After founding her Company in 2000, Kelli's innovative work within luxury events built her reputation throughout Western New York as a trendsetting designer able to execute any vision with winsome hospitality and a keen creative eye.  Warehouse127 home was created to bring her aestethic to a showroom that everyone can visit and curate for their own home.

"I love the thoughtful process of finding balance within a visual space.  The  intricacy of a well-crafted leather chair, the texture of an area rug, the balance within layering of textures... bringing together these details in a unique way allows me to create something new. That curation is who I am."


Warehouse127 home is truly an extention of her design and character, balancing old with new and ever evolving. 

Warehouse127 home is a destination for individuals searching to acquire exceptional interiors and decor for their home and lifestyle. 

We invite you to be inspired to Elevate your Everyday and shop hundreds of fabric selections, artwork, one-of-a-kind decor pieces.

Walking through the doors is an experience within itself ever inviting and the aesthetic is inspirational, over 5,000 sq ft and 100 years of character providing customers and clients to peruse and be inspired to feel at home. 

Our combination of luxe, organic and modern, where raw and refined sit side by side. Our aesthetic combines West Coast Casualness  and Big City Chic.​ 


The curated collection is refreshed frequently with one-of-a-kind items, so stop in often for the latest finds.

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